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IN 2003 I started to think of alternative ways for schools and groups to raise money other than through the hard work and dedication of volunteers at organised events. Drawing on my wealth of experience from having supplied organisations for several decades via my mail order company Baker Ross Limited, I launched the YELLOW MOON Fundraising Scheme.

THE AIM of YELLOW MOON is to offer schools, groups and charities the chance to raise funds all year round without the usual hard work. That means no admin, no selling, no delivering and no collecting money because YELLOW MOON does all that for them. All they have to do is circulate catalogues, which are supplied free of charge, to parents and supporters and encourage them to order. WE'VE ALREADY helped raise over £3.9 million for schools, group and charities through our website and special fundraiser catalogues that are distributed throughout the year. NEEDLESS to say, over 20,000 schools and groups have collectively raised more than £3 million thanks to YELLOW MOON since it's launch. Some of this money has funded exciting projects such as the extension of a nature garden, roof repairs, new playground equipment, musical instruments etc... AND I'm delighted to announce that so far Yellow Moon has helped raise over £440,000 for ChildLine, which means 110,000 children’s calls were answered. Also, from September 2011 we teamed up with CLIC Sargent and PDSA to help raise money for these worthy charities too.

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