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Year 6 children failing to meet basic standards - by TutorBooster

Posted by TutorBooster on 29 August 2014 at 09:18

115,000 pupils leave Primary School this summer lacking basic english and maths skills according to latest SAT’s results.

Year 6 children failing to meet basic standards - by TutorBooster - Title.jpg
The Telegraph are reporting that this years SAT’s tests reveal a 1/5 of all year 6 pupils will enter secondary school with a lack of basic skills. Despite an improvement in most areas, 21% of pupils failed to reach expected levels in numeracy, reading and writing. With the proposed changes to the National Curriculum coming into effect this year, there are concerns that our children will be put under increasing pressure.


Year 6 children failing to meet basic standards - by TutorBooster - Figures.jpg
15%, or 82,500 pupils, failed to achieve the expected level in writing while 14% were unable to meet the expected standard in maths. Nearly a quarter, or 137,500 pupils, failed the newly introduced spelling, punctuation and grammar test. In reading, pupils performed better with just 11% missing Level 4. According to figures from the Daily Telegraph.


The Department of Education were quick to point out that standards had risen across all areas compared to last year when a quarter of all pupils failed to achieve the 3 R’s. Schools reform minister Nick Gibb said the improved results proved teachers and pupils were benefitting from the government’s controversial education reforms. Mr. Gibb said: “Today’s results show teachers and pupils have responded well to the higher standards our education reforms have demanded. There is more to do but teachers and pupils deserve huge credit for such outstanding results.”


Year 6 children failing to meet basic standards - by TutorBooster - Future.jpgYear 6 children failing to meet basic standards - by TutorBooster - Future2.jpgYear 6 children failing to meet basic standards - by TutorBooster - Future3.jpg
Year 6 teacher Perry Leeks from Curwen Primary School in London, gave his views on what the future may hold for our 11 year olds: "It's tough for the pupils in year 6, with the National Curriculum changes coming into effect this year the expected levels for our children are only going to increase". When asked what parents could do to help children Mr. Leeks said: "Sometimes pupils are thrown by the style of questions and pressure from the SAT’s assessment. Parents should enquire as to whether their schools provide SATS booster sessions so that pupils can practice past papers and get used to the format of questioning to build confidence".

Tutor Booster

If your child’s school does not provide booster sessions or you want to provide extra support to your child Tutor Booster can help!

Tutor Booster offers online Maths and English booster sessions for Year 6 pupils.

• Delivered by ‘Outstanding’ qualified (QTS) teachers!

• Access the session on your laptop or PC at home!

• Flexible, safe and at £6 a session, superb value for money!

Tutor Booster offers online booster workshops for pupils who are preparing to take their end of year SATS tests. Small groups of pupils will be taken through past SATS papers and taught various strategies on how to answer common questions at their level. Pupils can interact with the teacher and are assessed throughout. After the session pupils can print out the questions and practice the strategies again at their own pace.

Call or e-mail today and get your first session free! Email: Call: 07960717031

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