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When to tell people you are pregnant - by TinBoxTraveller

Posted by TinBoxTraveller on 25 November 2014 at 13:47

Announcing you are pregnant is a big deal and should be done at the right time for you. Here's how we broke the news to different people at different times.

When to tell people you are pregnant - by TinBoxTraveller - Baby announcement.jpg
There's no hard and fast rule for when you should tell people you are pregnant. It will all depend on your own circumstances and who you are telling.

Most people think it's best to keep the news under wraps until week 12. This is when the experts say the chances of anything going wrong reduces significantly.

However it's not until your 12 week scan that you really know how far along you are. In my first pregnancy I was about two weeks behind my estimated due date based on the date of my last period. We ended up going for two dating scans because we were too early the first time. In my second pregnancy I was bang on the expected dates. The wonders of the human body!

Anyway, for both our pregancies we rolled out our big news over the course of two months. It went a bit like this:

Telling the grandparents

We told the grandparents-to-be at about six weeks both times. It was very early days but we wanted them to know in case I was feeling rough and needed a hand.

The Duchess of Cambridge had to make her announcement at much the same time due to her hyperemesis gravidarum. Except it wasn't just Charles and Camilla that got the heads up!

Telling your boss

You are under no obligation to tell your employer that you are pregnant until the 15th week before your baby is due. However, with midwife appointments, scans and morning sickness it's worthwhile mentioning it well before then. After all you are entitled to time off for pregnancy related appointments and colleagues will probably start giving you quizzical looks about your expanding waistline!

During my first pregnancy I was in a job that involved a lot of international travel and exhibitions. I had a trip to Paris coming up - it's not as glam as it sounds as I was driving there in a Transit van! I opted to tell my boss at seven weeks because I didn't want to put myself or the company in any awkward situations.

Second time round I am in a different job and decided to tell my boss at nine weeks, just in advance of my first midwife appointment.

Both times I've had a lovely reaction and received lots of support from my colleagues.

Telling friends

A few close friends have known about our pregnancies before 12 weeks, but we've saved the 'big reveal' until at least then for most people we know.

Second time round I think we told less people early - as 'pregnancy pros' we were much more chilled out about it all. We ended up telling the majority of our friends and extended family at nearly 14 weeks because my dating scan was booked so late (I got lost in the system). We also felt more comfortable telling the world once we'd knew everything was progressing as planned.

So, that's how we revealed our pregnancies to the world. How did you share your happy news?

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