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Are toys for the kids or for the parents? Tough call, but in this section our Bloggers give the parent's view of different products. Did they make the child laugh or cry? Was it worth the money? Certainly if you don't have the opportunity to try before you buy then have a look and see if we have an opinion on any of the products that are on your shopping list.

How to be the best dad ever - by Andy

How to be the best dad ever - by Andy - balls.png
I doubt that many of us could beat this idea of how to keep the kids amused whilst the wife is at work....
Written by Andy

Five classic toys re-worked for 2014 - by Andy

Five classic toys re-worked for 2014 - by Andy - operation.png
Remember those great games for kids that you had when you were younger? Remember how inappropriate they seem for the current generation? We've re-worked some classics and they are now available for the public! Be the fir...
Written by Andy

Getting your child to the top of the class - by Andy

Andy-Getting your child to the top of the class-REAvatar.png
If your child is 7-10 years old, you're probably already wondering about which school they will go to next and whether they will flourish. We explore a tool that can help....
Written by Andy

The best bath-time fun ever for a child - by Mum1stdoctor2nd

Mum1stdoctor2nd-Is this the best bath-time fun ever for a child? - by Mum1stdoctor2nd-image (1).jpeg
Ever since the ace Vitamin B bath I've been thinking of other ways to 'brighten' up bathtime and make use of our blacklight torch. So enter neon paints......
Written by Mum1stdoctor2nd

And our Summer giveaway competition winner is.... - by Andy

The winner of our trampoline, water slide and soccer kit is certainly set for summer now! Was it you?...
Written by Andy

The childrenarewelcome Summer Fun Pack giveaway! - by Andy

Yes it's here! All people that have liked our Facebook page will be entered into a draw for an amazing prize package!...
Written by Andy

Some bath toy ideas for you - by Andy

Andy-Some bath toy ideas for you-photo.JPG
Not everyone wants glow in the dark baths so here are some other ideas for fun toys that you might like!...
Written by Andy

This waterslide should be in every garden - by Andy

Andy-This waterslide should be in every garden-doofslide.jpg
We love this! Bought for a bargain from Kiddicare and currently on sale for under a tenner....
Written by Andy

Glow-in-the-dark bathtime fun Part Two - by Andy

Andy-Glow-in-the-dark bathtime fun Part Two-image (19).jpeg
Given the great response to the original post, it was time to raise our game. So here it is!...
Written by Andy

Glow-in-the-dark and crayon bathtime fun - by Andy

Andy-Glow-in-the-dark and crayon bathtime fun-bath.jpg
Everyone loves bathtime with the kids but how do you make it a little different? With glowsticks or bath crayons....
Written by Andy

The Legendary Couscous Sandpit - by Andy

Andy-The Legendary Couscous Sandpit-photo (13).JPG
Wet outside? Want all of the fun of a sandpit but without the mess? Welcome to the couscous sandpit!...
Written by Andy

Mega Bloks First Builders 60 piece pack. - by Andy

Andy-Mega Bloks First Builders 60 piece pack. -image (11).jpeg
Whilst Lego have the monopoly on building blocks for older children, there's plenty of choice on the market for younger children. We took a look at the Mega Bloks First Builders Pack with an 18mth old and a 7 year old....
Written by Andy

Can you use sweets as a path to discovery?! - by Andy

Andy-Can you use sweets as a path to discovery?!-DP Body Bits 160g Bag jpeg.jpg
Probably one of the weirdest questions that I have ever been forced to ask myself, but one sweet company is trying to do this. We were invited along to listen to their pitch and make up our own minds...
Written by Andy

Tomy Be Baby Aqua Splash n Print - by Andy

Having fun without creating a mess can be a bit of a challenge with a toddler. Wax crayons and paint can quickly become a real headache to clean up. Toddlers don't really need multi-coloured paints anyway when they first...
Written by Andy

A trip to Kiddicare in Hayes - by Andy

There's a lot of hype about Kiddicare stores and we have one ten minutes down the road. So we loaded Doofy into the car and headed down. Kiddicare is one of the fastest growing companies in the baby and children's market...
Written by Andy