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Reading Eggs: Our Verdict - by Mummytolittlee

Posted by Mummytolittlee on 18 October 2014 at 10:08

After a far longer hiatus than I'd intended, I'm back with our verdict on Reading Eggs!

Little E's had a good month of working his way through the interactive game and accompanying work books, and it's been a really interesting time for me, both as a mother and a teacher. I've approached the programme gently with him because I didn't want him to feel at any point that it was a chore or something I needed him to do. And it's paid off - Reading Eggs is Little E's 'baby', his special learning game for when he wants some quiet time, and it's still proving to be a really fun way for us to have one on one time.
Reading Eggs- Our Verdict - by Mummytolittlee - verdict.jpg

Preparing for school

I'm torn about the idea of formalised learning for young children. In my heart of hearts I prefer the concept of play-centred, Montessori style education during the formative years. That being said E loves nursery despite (or perhaps because of!) the fact that the structured play and learning has intensified in preparation for him starting school.

As a teacher I spend a lot of my time discussing the fact that boys tend to underachieve academically compared to girls. And as the mother of 2 boys it's something that plays on my mind, so I've been chatting regularly with E's nursery teachers to gauge his interest in and attitudes towards learning.

I think one of the most important roles a parent has is to encourage their child to see the fun in learning and to allow them to discover their interests. It's a huge, ongoing challenge, but as far as I'm concerned anything that sparks an interest in the minds of my boys is a positive thing. Which is why I've loved our Reading Eggs experience! E loves, LOVES the stickers (I'm finding them everywhere!) and he gets so excited when he recognises letters when we're out and about.

Our verdict

If you hadn't guessed by now, we're really impressed with Reading Eggs over here. So impressed that the day our free trial ran out we bought a years subscription! I'd highly recommend the Reading Eggs programme. It's a great way to boost literary and maths skills in school age children, and it's wonderful to see their confidence grow.

To find out more and get a free trial head over to the Reading Eggs website!

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