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Our favourite animal rucksack for kids - by Andy

Posted by Andy on 14 December 2014 at 21:14

I like Kickstarter as a concept. It's a great shop window for new businesses to showcase their ideas. Sometimes it is worth a browse just for some shopping ideas. We got asked to take a look at a new rucksack for kids

This weekend we were trying out a new kids backpack from a company called Ani-mi. The Hug-mi is a kids rucksack that doubles up as an animal costume. They are the brainchild of Dan and Carol, who have left their previous jobs to set up a new company creating products that :

"would engage children and allow them to take a favourite character or animal everywhere with them in the form of a practical bag that can convert to a costume. And to help give children a sense of responsibility for the character and some awareness of the animal it's based on."

And it looks like they have achieved their design target - the backpack is durable, cute-looking and affordable. It's designed for age 4+ but even my 8 year old was quite taken by it. I think 4-6 year olds would love running around in the woods wearing them.

The other great selling point is that the company make donations for every product sold to help protect endangered species. My little one LOVED this idea.

Our favourite animal rucksack for kids - by Andy - hugmi1.png
The Hug-mi is a backpack that looks like an animal character, complete with a foldover head and arms that wrap around the body. There are four animals available at the moment and shipping will begin in April. The four animals (Oso-mi the cuddly Grizzly Bear, Sno-mi the cool Polar Bear, Pan-mi the gentle Panda Bear and Koh-mi the loveable Koala Bear) .
Our favourite animal rucksack for kids - by Andy - hugmi2.png

We got to trial Leo-mi the leopard cub. The backpack is surprisingly practical, with plenty of room in it for lunchboxes and books, even with the head and arms tucked inside. Converting it from a backpack into a backpack with a head and arms took about five seconds and the kids really liked it. Tucking the limbs back in also just took a few seconds.

The bag itself was very well made, with strong stitching and a nice fluffy material. It seems pretty hard-wearing.

Our favourite animal rucksack for kids - by Andy - photo (1).JPG
MOST IMPORTANTLY, these guys need some orders to get their dream off the ground... so don't wait until April - have a look at their Kickstarter campaign and order one now! Take a look at their page for more details.

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