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Blogs that contain the House and Home tag

Just because you have had a baby doesn't mean that your home has to become a giant soft play area. These blogs contain what our team have been doing to their house or how they are turning a house into a home suitable for their children.

Win a personalised canvas print worth £85 for a friend or their child - by Andy

Win a personalised canvas print worth £85 for a friend or their child - by Andy - DSC 8836 edited 800.jpg
Ever wondered where the name RedBlueYou comes from? Think of a rhyme with roses and violets and you'll get there pretty quickly... Here at RedBlueYou we love pretty things, be they roses, violets, pretty bespoke canvas a...
Written by Andy

Looking for some cool thankyou cards? Here you go! - by Mum1stdoctor2nd

Looking for some cool thankyou cards? Here you go! - by Mum1stdoctor2nd - image (1).jpeg
I never did baby announcement cards or personalised photo cards when Doof was born but I am semi-addicted to photobox so when I saw they also owned a new site called "Paper Shaker" I thought I'd try them out....
Written by Mum1stdoctor2nd

What's in my Bounty Pack? - by Andy

One website in particular has it in for Bounty, but personally I love them because they give us free stuff. Here's what was in Isabella's Bounty pack...
Written by Andy

More bathtime fun - by Andy

Andy-More bathtime fun-photo (2).JPG
Awesome colour tablets from Crayola make bathtime a rainbow spectacular!...
Written by Andy

Some bath toy ideas for you - by Andy

Andy-Some bath toy ideas for you-photo.JPG
Not everyone wants glow in the dark baths so here are some other ideas for fun toys that you might like!...
Written by Andy

Glow-in-the-dark bathtime fun Part Two - by Andy

Andy-Glow-in-the-dark bathtime fun Part Two-image (19).jpeg
Given the great response to the original post, it was time to raise our game. So here it is!...
Written by Andy

Glow-in-the-dark and crayon bathtime fun - by Andy

Andy-Glow-in-the-dark and crayon bathtime fun-bath.jpg
Everyone loves bathtime with the kids but how do you make it a little different? With glowsticks or bath crayons....
Written by Andy

Making cakes with a toddler - by Andy

Andy-Making cakes with a toddler-photo (14).JPG
Nothing is yummier than cakes. Nothing. We decided to let Doofy loose to make some cakes. He's 18 months old and not amazingly co-ordinated but he loved it :)...
Written by Andy

The Legendary Couscous Sandpit - by Andy

Andy-The Legendary Couscous Sandpit-photo (13).JPG
Wet outside? Want all of the fun of a sandpit but without the mess? Welcome to the couscous sandpit!...
Written by Andy

What should my baby sleep in when it is hot? - by Andy

Andy-What should my baby sleep in when it is hot?-sleepydoof2.png
As Summer starts early, it is time to start planning ahead to see what your baby should be wearing as temperatures start to rise....
Written by Andy

Making pizza with toddlers - by Andy

Cooking can be fun for kids of all ages. Pizza is quick and easy to make and is a great way to introduce kids to ingredients as well as helping them to improve dexterity....
Written by Andy