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Child-Friendly Places Around Dunbar, East Lothian


Wooler Children's Centre

Child-Friendly towns nearby...

We don't have a blogger in this town yet but try the following nearby towns where a local blogger can give you some inside information...

Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

(79.01 miles away)
Newcastle Upon Tyne is a vibrant city situated in the North of England. The area has art galleries, museums, parks and leisure facilities. Within a few miles of coast and the country, the area also boasts Roman ruins, castles and wide open spaces for children to run and play....

Lancaster, Lancashire

(135.59 miles away)
Lancaster is the county town of Lancashire, England It is situated on the River Lune and has a population of 45,952. Lancaster is a constituent settlement of the wider City of Lancaster, a local government district which has a population of 138,375 and encompasses several outlying settlements, including neighbouring Morecambe....

Some of our childrenarewelcome articles

Peppa Pig Pancakes - essential for this Tuesday! - by Andy

children at Peppa Pig Pancakes - essential for this Tuesday! - by Andy
No Shrove Tuesday would be complete without being able to make your kids face light up with one of these bad boys...

Written by Andy

Holgate Windmill - by Mother of Dragons

children at Holgate Windmill - by Mother of Dragons
Holgate Windmill is a beautiful and fascinating building preserved through the hard work of a group of volunteers, and for any curious toddler the idea of being allowed to climb about inside what is essentially an enormo...

Written by Mother of Dragons

A plea from a generation of small boys - DON'T TAKE AWAY DIPPY! - by Andy

children at A plea from a generation of small boys - DON'T TAKE AWAY DIPPY! - by Andy
Statistically speaking around 50% of us were small boys once. Many of us still act like one. And you know what all small boys love? Dinosaurs dinosaurs dinosaurs....

Written by Andy

How to be the best dad ever - by Andy

family How to be the best dad ever - by Andy
I doubt that many of us could beat this idea of how to keep the kids amused whilst the wife is at work....

Written by Andy

The Sidings - by Mother of Dragons

family The Sidings - by Mother of Dragons
A restaurant in a location which overlooks railway lines, featuring several tables set within disused railway carriages is surely a paradise for any train lover. Welcome to The Sidings Mediterranean Bar and Restaurant in Shipton, just outside York....

Written by Mother of Dragons

Some child-friendly places to stay around Dunbar, East Lothian

Eyemouth Holiday Park

(18.52 miles)
Family {{{1}}}
Eyemouth Holiday Park is located next to a quiet fishing port and on a wonderful headland in Scotland, where the Park soaks up spectacular wide views of the sandy beach, seaside resort and fishing port of Eyemouth. On th...


Macdonald Marine Hotel and Spa

(9.39 miles)
Family {{{1}}}
The Macdonald Marine Hotel and Spa in North Berwick is renowned for its beautiful coastal setting and glorious 19th century Victorian architecture....


Some child-friendly days out around Dunbar, East Lothian

Doonhill Homestead

(2.15 miles)
Family {{{1}}}
A rare record of the Anglian occupation of southeast Scotland...


St Martin's Kirk, Haddington

(10.24 miles)
Family {{{1}}}
Remains of a splendid Romanesque church...


Dunglass Collegiate Church

(6.97 miles)
Family {{{1}}}
Handsome church founded in 1450...

Child Friendly Dunbar, East Lothian *

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