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childrenarewelcome's Books for Parents shopping page

There's lots of books out there to help parents out. Our Bloggers are trying to review as many as possible to help you to find the best ones for you.

childrenarewelcome approved suppliers

Lisa Clegg
I am a mother to three children and work full time as a maternity nurse. I am incredibly passionate about what I do and have a consistently high success rate in helping famili...Read more about Lisa Clegg...
Reading Eggs
Reading Eggs are a company producing a unique range of products to help your child take their first steps in the world of learning and then puts in place a structured pr...Read more about Reading Eggs...

Products from our suppliers

The Eggsperts Appisodes
A wonderful new way to inspire word play!...Read more about The Eggsperts Appisodes...
Spelling Games
Where Children between the Ages of 6-12 Learn How to Spell...Read more about Spelling Games...
Reading Eggs Book Pack Level 1
Book Pack 1 matches the first 40 lessons of Reading Eggs....Read more about Reading Eggs Book Pack Level 1...
Eggy Add to 20
Build your child's addition skills with Eggy Add to 20!...Read more about Eggy Add to 20...
Reading Eggs Book Pack Level 2
Book Pack 2 matches lessons 41-80 of Reading Eggs....Read more about Reading Eggs Book Pack Level 2...
Eggy Word SNAP
Develop visual word recall and vocabulary with Eggy Word SNAP!...Read more about Eggy Word SNAP...
Tap the Cat
The fun early reading app for 4 - 6 year olds...Read more about Tap the Cat...
Eggy Subtract to 20
Build your child's subtraction skills with Eggy Subtract to 20!...Read more about Eggy Subtract to 20...
Eggy Alphabet
Where children learn the Alphabet...Read more about Eggy Alphabet...
Eggy Numbers
Learn to count with Eggy Numbers 1 to 10!...Read more about Eggy Numbers...
Eggy Words
Where Children Learn Sight Words...Read more about Eggy Words...
Eggy Numbers to 100
Learn the skills for maths success with Eggy Numbers to 100...Read more about Eggy Numbers to 100...
Eggy Nursery Rhymes
Sing along and learn early literacy skills!...Read more about Eggy Nursery Rhymes...
Reading Eggs Mega Book Pack
This contains all of the level 1 and level 2 books matching the first 80 lessons of Reading Eggs....Read more about Reading Eggs Mega Book Pack...
The Blissful Baby Expert
In The Blissful Baby Expert, Lisa Clegg draws on her own experience of motherhood and her professional life as a nanny and maternity nurse to share her essential, trusted advi...Read more about The Blissful Baby Expert...
Eggy Vocabulary
A unique hidden picture app for the iPad that takes children aged 3+ through 7 destinations to learn 252 words!...Read more about Eggy Vocabulary...
Eggy Phonics
Learn to read, spell and write with Eggy Phonics!...Read more about Eggy Phonics...
The Targeting Maths range of Apps
An amazing new way to learn mathematics...Read more about The Targeting Maths range of Apps...