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Not everything is cheap and we can't all afford everything, but sometimes something leaps out to one of our bloggers that is great value - maybe a discount code or something that has been reduced. If you have anything that we have missed then let us know or maybe even become one of our Bloggers?

A review of Centerparcs Woburn - by Andy

A review of Centerparcs Woburn - by Andy - cpw.jpg
There's something that bothers me about paying a lot of money to have a holiday in the UK, but Centerparcs have perfected UK holidays for families with small children...
Written by Andy

Holgate Windmill - by Mother of Dragons

Holgate Windmill is a beautiful and fascinating building preserved through the hard work of a group of volunteers, and for any curious toddler the idea of being allowed to climb about inside what is essentially an enormo...
Written by Mother of Dragons

Our favourite animal rucksack for kids - by Andy

Our favourite animal rucksack for kids - by Andy - hugmi2.png
I like Kickstarter as a concept. It's a great shop window for new businesses to showcase their ideas. Sometimes it is worth a browse just for some shopping ideas. We got asked to take a look at a new rucksack for kids...
Written by Andy

York Boat - by Mother of Dragons

For a fresh perspective on our beautiful city, we took a trip on the York Boat. Because a cruise on the Ouse is hard to refuse....
Written by Mother of Dragons

Finally... a chance to invest in pushchairs! - by Andy

Finally... a chance to invest in pushchairs! - by Andy - rucksack.jpg
One thing that all parents know is just how expensive and unwieldy buggies can be. One lady realised that this was a chance for her to start her own business and now she is giving you a sneak preview of a brand new buggy...
Written by Andy

Nattymat Review - Essential swimming equipment?! - by Andy

Nattymat Review - Essential swimming equipment?! - by Andy - nattymat.jpg
Armbands, floatpacks, noodles etc are all designed to promote safety in the pool. I bet more people injure themselves on wet changing room floors than in the pool though....
Written by Andy

Five classic toys re-worked for 2014 - by Andy

Five classic toys re-worked for 2014 - by Andy - operation.png
Remember those great games for kids that you had when you were younger? Remember how inappropriate they seem for the current generation? We've re-worked some classics and they are now available for the public! Be the fir...
Written by Andy

Looking for some cool thankyou cards? Here you go! - by Mum1stdoctor2nd

Looking for some cool thankyou cards? Here you go! - by Mum1stdoctor2nd - image (1).jpeg
I never did baby announcement cards or personalised photo cards when Doof was born but I am semi-addicted to photobox so when I saw they also owned a new site called "Paper Shaker" I thought I'd try them out....
Written by Mum1stdoctor2nd

Murton Park - by Mother of Dragons

Just outside York, Murton Park is home to the Yorkshire Museum of Farming and the Derwent Valley Light Railway. We took our toddler there to try and decide once and for all which is better - tractors or trains?...
Written by Mother of Dragons

Maternity bras from Marks and Spencer - It's not just a bra. It's an unreturnable M&S bra - by Andy

Maternity bras from Marks and Spencer - It's not just a bra. It's an unreturnable M&S bra - by Andy - photo (9).JPG
Everyone knows that customer service is key to retaining business, especially in the retail sector. Even more so when you are dealing with a new mum who will spend thousands of pounds over the next few years buying cloth...
Written by Andy

Year 6 children failing to meet basic standards - by TutorBooster

115,000 pupils leave Primary School this summer lacking basic english and maths skills according to latest SAT’s results....
Written by TutorBooster

Help your child develop a 'love of reading'! - by TutorBooster

Help your child develop a 'love of reading'! - by TutorBooster - Shared Reading.jpg
We all know how important reading is for our children’s education. As a father of 4 boys and a Year 6 teacher I know how reluctant some children are at reading regularly. After a long hard day at school all they seem to ...
Written by TutorBooster

Newby Hall - by Mother of Dragons

About half an hour's drive from Harrogate is Newby Hall, an eighteenth-century mansion designed by Christopher Wren. With 25 acres of gardens, a boating lake, an adventure playground and a miniature railway it is a parad...
Written by Mother of Dragons

What's in my Bounty Pack? - by Andy

One website in particular has it in for Bounty, but personally I love them because they give us free stuff. Here's what was in Isabella's Bounty pack...
Written by Andy

Yorkshire Lavender - by Mother of Dragons

Nestled in the beautiful Howardian Hills, Yorkshire Lavender is an ideal place to go and let off a bit of steam on a sunny day....
Written by Mother of Dragons

Dalby Forest and the Great Gruffalo Forest Tour - by Mother of Dragons

2014 is the 15th anniversary of the publication of Julia Donaldson's "Gruffalo", and the Forestry Commission Has organised a series of events to mark the occasion. We went to the beautiful Dalby Forest to meet him....
Written by Mother of Dragons

Farewell to the Kiddicare stores? - by Andy

The Twitterverse is alive with rumours of the demise of Kiddicare's stores following its sale by Morrisons to a private equity fund....
Written by Andy

Off-the-beaten track museums in London - by Andy

Andy-Off-the-beaten track museums in London - by Andy-photo (5).JPG
Fed up with the crazy queues at the Natural History Museum and Science Museum? Time to get the book out and find other museums! We tried the Grant Museum of Zoology and the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology...
Written by Andy

Personalised Rucksacks from Cheeky Baby Tees - by Mum1stdoctor2nd

Image (8).jpeg
Whether you want it to make your child's belongings easily identifiable or just to make sure that you take the right kid home after school, personalised rucksacks are a great idea....
Written by Mum1stdoctor2nd

The best bath-time fun ever for a child - by Mum1stdoctor2nd

Mum1stdoctor2nd-Is this the best bath-time fun ever for a child? - by Mum1stdoctor2nd-image (1).jpeg
Ever since the ace Vitamin B bath I've been thinking of other ways to 'brighten' up bathtime and make use of our blacklight torch. So enter neon paints......
Written by Mum1stdoctor2nd

Burnby Hall Museum and Gardens - by Mother of Dragons

Burnby Hall Gardens, Pocklington, off the A1079 between York and Beverley is a beautiful place for a day out, with plenty to keep children entertained....
Written by Mother of Dragons

IPhone camera fun - by Andy

Andy-IPhone camera fun - by Andy-image.jpg
Just found a cool new app that is great fun with kids and makes video filming on your smartphone fun again!...
Written by Andy

And our Summer giveaway competition winner is.... - by Andy

The winner of our trampoline, water slide and soccer kit is certainly set for summer now! Was it you?...
Written by Andy

The childrenarewelcome Summer Fun Pack giveaway! - by Andy

Yes it's here! All people that have liked our Facebook page will be entered into a draw for an amazing prize package!...
Written by Andy

Some bath toy ideas for you - by Andy

Andy-Some bath toy ideas for you-photo.JPG
Not everyone wants glow in the dark baths so here are some other ideas for fun toys that you might like!...
Written by Andy

This waterslide should be in every garden - by Andy

Andy-This waterslide should be in every garden-doofslide.jpg
We love this! Bought for a bargain from Kiddicare and currently on sale for under a tenner....
Written by Andy

The childrenarewelcome Father's Day Competition! - by Andy

Not got round to buying a Father's Day Present yet? We've narrowed it down to our favourite 40 from IWOOT. Now all you have to do is tell us which one you would like for the man in your life AND WE'LL PAY FOR IT AND POST...
Written by Andy

Making cakes with a toddler - by Andy

Andy-Making cakes with a toddler-photo (14).JPG
Nothing is yummier than cakes. Nothing. We decided to let Doofy loose to make some cakes. He's 18 months old and not amazingly co-ordinated but he loved it :)...
Written by Andy

The Legendary Couscous Sandpit - by Andy

Andy-The Legendary Couscous Sandpit-photo (13).JPG
Wet outside? Want all of the fun of a sandpit but without the mess? Welcome to the couscous sandpit!...
Written by Andy

Mega Bloks First Builders 60 piece pack. - by Andy

Andy-Mega Bloks First Builders 60 piece pack. -image (11).jpeg
Whilst Lego have the monopoly on building blocks for older children, there's plenty of choice on the market for younger children. We took a look at the Mega Bloks First Builders Pack with an 18mth old and a 7 year old....
Written by Andy

Battersea Park Children's Zoo - by Andy

Andy-Battersea Park Children's Zoo-photo (10).JPG
Battersea Park Zoo in London is a great alternative to the "big attractions" that people fall over themselves to visit. We took Doofy along to check out the venue....
Written by Andy

Tomy Be Baby Aqua Splash n Print - by Andy

Having fun without creating a mess can be a bit of a challenge with a toddler. Wax crayons and paint can quickly become a real headache to clean up. Toddlers don't really need multi-coloured paints anyway when they first...
Written by Andy

A trip to Kiddicare in Hayes - by Andy

There's a lot of hype about Kiddicare stores and we have one ten minutes down the road. So we loaded Doofy into the car and headed down. Kiddicare is one of the fastest growing companies in the baby and children's market...
Written by Andy

Villagio, Chiswick - by Andy

Early dinner for a seven year old child and a one year old baby in Chiswick. Nice to finally find a restaurant where the tables aren't crammed in and the service is great....
Written by Andy

LoveKeepCreate Quilt - by Andy

After a year of great memories with James, we were left with the heart-rending need to "rationalise" his clothes. At first we thought that this would lead to a big clear-out.... until we found LoveKeepCreate....
Written by Andy

Staying at the Cape Codder Resort with a baby

The second leg of our holiday took us to Cape Cod. Much of the area is closed in December but we were pleased to find that the Cape Codder Resort was open. Was it going to be as good as it looked?...
Written by Andy